Setka Editor for SharePoint Online Installing SharePoint online application

Installing SharePoint online application

Setka Editor is a SaaS product that is compatible with SharePoint Modern Experience. A separate Setka account is required—learn more about pricing then visit this page sign up for Setka.

In order to get your license key

- Visit you Setka Editor account on and sign up
- Go to your account on Setka’s website and copy the license key from the CMS Integration tab.

Installation process

Upload the Setka Editor application from AppSource and install via the standard installation process.

Add Setka Editor application to your SharePoint website where you want to use it.


Then visit a post or a news page. Add Setka Editor’s web part on the page


Click the Activate button


Then paste the received license key into the necessary field on the Property Panel.



Now you can create new posts with Setka Editor.