You need to follow 2 steps to be able to insert a button inside the content:

Step 1. Generate your button styles in your account in Style Manager

For every button you can choose:
- its name (you can create several buttons inside your style);
- text format for your text on the button;
- border width and radius;
- colors for text, border and background for different button states—default (before interaction with this button), on hover and when someone is clicking on it.


Step 2. Insert a button in the post editor.

You can add a button to a post from the right panel of instruments.


In the upper menu you can:


  • choose the button style;
  • change the button’s bottom indent;
  • choose link where the button will lead to (URL or anchor). You can also set a tel number instead of URL — just enter tel:5555555555 in the URL field;
  • set an animation;
  • set the visibility for different types of devices.

* Buttons are available on the paid pricing plans only.