Setka Post Editor Image Editor

Image Editor

Not every media or marketing department has it’s own photo editor who will be able to prepare images of the proper size, brightness and so on. Now you can do it right in Setka Editor.

Open the image editing mode:

1. From the right image panel


2. From the image inserted into the post


Image Editing tools:

1. Crop


2. Rotate, flip horizontally and vertically


3. Adjust brightness


4. Tint


Why don't my images appear in the editing mode?

That happens, because images, that that you uploaded to the post are hosted on the domain different to the domain where you work in Setka Editor. So the CORS error happens, which restricts loading of any resources from different domain, except, when the responding server has a header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * (instead of * you can apply any domain name).

For example:

  • Setka Editor's domain —
  • Domain, where the images are hosted —

For resolving CORS error — you need to add HTTP Header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: for all responses from

Read in the following article how to resolve the CORS error for your images.