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Setka Editor on Ghost

To create a beautiful post with Setka Editor styles on Ghost CMS, you can use the Setka Editor Design Cloud plan to generate and easily paste HTML code into Ghost's editor.

Step 1. Create a Setka Editor post

  1. Click the "Posts" tab in your Setka Account. Then, click the "Create post" button.



2. Design your post. 

Step 2. Generate your HTML code

1. Navigate to the list of your posts (click the "Posts" tab in the navigation menu or the "Save and Exit" buttonsave_exit.png inside of the post).

2. Click export.png  on the bottom right of the post preview.

To copy your post's HTML code, click on the "Copy to clipboard" button.



Step 3. Copy the HTML code into Ghost editor

Create a new post in Ghost editor with a new HTML block. Paste your HTML code inside:


Step 4. Publish your post

That's all there is to it! Ghost allows you to copy your Setka Editor post HTML code directly into the HTML block, rendering your content with all your styles, visuals, and designs. 

Making changes in the post

If you decide to update the text or design of your post, you need to make any changes inside the Setka Editor Design cloud and then repaste the entire new post's HTML code into Ghost's editor. Avoid making changes in Ghost, as this may result in lost styles and unplanned alterations.