Setka Editor on 1C-Bitrix Installing 1С-Bitrix module

Installing 1С-Bitrix module

Here are a few simple steps, to help you start using Setka Editor if your website is running on 1C-Bitrix.

Please keep in mind - In order to install the Setka Editor module, you will need to have at least PHP 5.6 version or later (The recommended version is 7.1). You won't be able to install the Setka Editor module if you are using earlier versions of PHP.

  1. Upload the module to your website and install it via Solutions in the Marketplace section or using this link. Screen_Shot_2018-11-01_at_17.31.25.png
  2. Move further to Module settings: Control Panel → Settings → System settings → Module settings → Setka Editor.
  3. Enter your Setka Editor license key. You can locate it on your CMS Integration page in Content Design System Manager (CDSM), over at
  4. After entering your license key and pressing the Save button, integration fields will be automatically filled with propper links. If that does not happen, please contact our support team at
  5. After entering your license key don't forget to toggle the info blocks, which will have Setka Editor enabled for them. Also make sure to set specific user groups, which will have access to Setka Editor.Screen_Shot_2018-11-01_at_18.02.43.png
  6. Now you will be able to enable Setka Editor as your current editing option in «Подробнее» tab.Screen_Shot_2018-11-01_at_19.03.27.png

Please take notice, that Setka Editor is meant to be used for new posts. If your website has posts, created using built-in Bitrix editor, you will not be able to open and edit them using Setka Editor.