Setka Post Editor Setka Editor and Google AMP

Setka Editor and Google AMP

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP, or simply AMP - is standing for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a web page format, developed by Google. Web pages created in this format load instantly, even with subpar cellular connectivity. Such results are achieved by removing some of the HTML elements or by converting them into special AMP-elements.


How can it help my website?

Setka Editor WordPress plugin supports integration with the AMP WP plugin. If both of those plugins are installed on your website, they increase the loading speed of mobile versions of posts, created in Setka Editor, while retaining stylistic and branding elements.

IMPORTANT: Your WordPress theme should also be AMP-compatible.


How do the Setka Editor and AMP WP plug-ins work together?

AMP WP plugin works in three modes:
— Classic offers a ready-made template for the theme and allows the Google bot to index the pages of the site as soon as the plugin is installed.
— Paired assumes that the owner of the website or the creator of the theme has created separate templates for AMP and other versions of the website.
— Native is seamless integration, where the website is created out of the box specifically for AMP, and there is no need to create separate links, templates, and so on.

The Setka Editor plugin retains functionality in all three modes and allows users to convert separate elements into an AMP notation.

We generate lighter files with styles for our users, to meet the AMP design requirements.
1) Animations in Setka Editor are transformed into AMP-animation while keeping any interactive features like activation on a specific user action or elements that change state.
2) Responsive embeds and galleries are transformed into the corresponding AMP elements and correctly integrated into the page.
3) For images, we display the srcset attribute with all available resolutions, allowing the browser to decide which size is best for the user. This makes loading images faster and allows content to adapt to a device’s screen size.


What are the limitations?

Like any technology, AMP has limitations that were implemented to make sure the content was as mobile-friendly as possible: proprietary HTML tags, the inability to add externals scripts that aren’t part of AMP libraries, and a limitation of inline styles to 50 kb in size.