Setka Post Editor Animations


Animations tool is not available on free plans.

You can animate text paragraphs, pictures, any kinds of infographics, the tool can be applicable to a paragraph, picture or grid.

To apply animation effect to the chosen element (grid, picture, text paragraph) just click on it and find the animation tool icon in the needed tab.


Animation presets

If you are new to animations or you want to get an animated element with no time and effort, we offer you animation presets. 

You can choose one of the effects, e.g. your element can fade, slide, flip or zoom. There is also a menu for how and when your animation can appear on the screen.

You can find all these options here:


There are special effects available for your animation to make it more sophisticated and non-linear. This is where you can find them:


To preview your animation just click either on a “Play” button or on a Setka Editor logo in the animation panel.


We also offer several ways for your animation to start.

  • as appears on the screen (the animation will start working once 10% of the animated part will be seen on the screen)
  • once the animated part is hovered
  • when scrolling. Here you can also choose in what part of the screen your animation will appear

How do I set up animation manually? 

You can set the direction (from left to right, right to left, or up and down), zoom (in and out) and rotation of your animation's entrance into the post.

Additionally, you can control the opacity level, duration, and start time of the animation.

Sticky effect

With the help of sticky effect you can pin any part of your post on a page and it will remain static while scrolling. The chosen element is pinned once the post area comes up to a needed position.

You can find it in the animation menu and apply it to the chosen element. In the ‘Sticky’ tab you can set the place for your pinned element (the top or the bottom of the screen) and you can set the needed indentation in the same menu.

Website and blog editors more often face the situation when it becomes necessary to pin some element somewhere in the post, e.g. navigation in your post becomes easier with the pinned heading, CTA elements (may offer to buy or download something or to sign up for a newsletter) work better if pinned somewhere on the page and short hints are better when can be referred to on any stage of reading.