There are two options available to embed the content to your post in Setka Post Editor:

  1. Embed link  –  all subscription plans,
  2. Embed code –  available for Pro Yearly and Pro Lifetime plans. 


Embed link:

Copy the file path URL. Place the cursor in the paragraph or in the grid column, then click </> on the right panel. Paste embed link here window will pop-up.

Be aware that the video will fit the whole container width.



A list of supported services:

  • For Setka Editor users on Wordpress is available via this link.
  • For Setka Editor users with a custom integration is available via this link. 


Embed code:

Pro and Enterprise plans support both options: embed link and embed code. Embed code is a html-wrapping around a URL with changeable attributes.

Select a paragraph or a grid column, then click </> on the right panel, press {...} here window will pop-up and paste your code there. You can find an embed code under any Youtube or Vimeo video or in the tweet options. Click on render button.



What is render/unrender?

To see how the video will be displayed in the post, open the Embed tab and click Render. Click Unrender to display it in code form again.


How to make a embed full-width?

Click Embed > Responsive embed > Off to display the embed with the size specified in the code. Click Embed > Responsive embed > On to stretch the video to the width of the container, column, grid or post it was embedded to.