Account Settings Billing & Subscription

Billing & Subscription

In Subscription and Payments, you can change your credit card details and switch to a different subscription plan. After the plan is changed, your subscription payment will be recalculated.


How to choose a plan?

Setka Editor is a subscription service. Go to this page to learn more about plans:

You can change your subscription plan at any time from your profile.


What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription plan will be automatically downgraded to the Free plan with minimum functionality (information below is relevant only for websites running on WordPress):

  • 1 Setka built-in style
  • 1 custom style
  • 2 layout grids

The Free plan provides:

  • No Design Cloud Posts
  • No multi-site
  • No image gallery
  • No inline icons (from the Noun Project library and custom)
  • No animations (pre-sets, manual and sticky)
  • No Custom Fonts
  • No Adobe Typekit
  • No components and template editing and creation
  • No Custom CSS & JavaScript support & easy adding
  • No tables
  • No enhance symbol tool
  • No images from Unsplash library
  • No footnotes
  • No buttons
  • No mobile layout customization
  • No collaboration and comments
  • No export article in PDF
  • No styles for AMP pages
  • No export article in HTML and JSON
  • Custom components API

You can log in to your Setka Account any time and change the plan. All styles you create in Content Design System Manager (CDSM) are saved regardless of the plan change.

Free plan for Bitrix and Drupal allows you to edit text and delete/replace photos.

How to renew the subscription or change my plan?

Login to your Setka Account, go to Subscription and Payments > Change Plan, select a new plan. Your bank card will be charged according to the chosen plan, your new billing period will start at this moment.

If your account was downgraded to the Free plan and you decide to resume your subscription in a week, you will not be charged for that week.


What happens if the payment fails?

If your payment fails, we will contact you and will ask to verify the credit card details in your account settings and to check if you have enough funds available. We will try to charge your card 3 more times – on 5, 10, and 13th day. In case of a non-payment for 13 days, your account will be downgraded to the Free plan, as if you have canceled a subscription by yourself.