Getting Started Introduction and Basics

Introduction and Basics

Setka Editor empowers you to create great looking content on a daily basis. It is built in a way that works with different types of content with varying levels of complexity – from small news items to longreads, infographics and large sponsored posts with custom designs.

Setka Editor consists of two parts: Style Manager ( and Setka Post Editor.

Setka Editor Account page

There are three sections on

Integration helps you install the Setka Editor Plugin for WordPress;

Styles is where you will find the Style Manager tool, here you can set up or create post styles;

Grid Systems is where you can create your own grid systems and specify parameters for columns, indentations, and spaces between columns.




Setka Editor WordPress Plugin

Once you install Setka Editor Plugin you can work with it in WordPress. You can use pre-made post styles or create your own with the Style Editor tool.


How Setka Post Editor, Style Manager and the Grid Systems are connected?

Post Styles and Grid Systems settings are delivered as files from your account to WordPress (or another CMS) and applied in Setka Post Editor.


What are Grids?

Grid system (or Grids) is a system for organizing layout elements (text, headings, illustrations). Grids organize these elements and ensure the overall design of the post is maintained.


What is a post style?

A post style is a uniform design for all your publications including fonts, heading types, text and background colors, indents, dividers, icons and snippets.

Create your custom post style in Style Manager at Apply it in Setka Post Editor when making new posts through WordPress.

The Post Style determines the way your post looks, but you can always modify it in Editor.  Select between various header sizes, play around with text colors, add animation and apply other visual effects.

Manage built-in Setka styles and your own custom styles in the Styles section at




Can I delete a post style?

To ensure that old posts do not lose their appearance or layout, styles can't be deleted. Hovewer, you can disable unnecessary styles to have them removed from the Setka Editor Plugin. Click on a cogwheel to disable the selected style.

When creating new posts, the disabled style will not appear in the list. Disabled styles in already published posts can still be edited in Setka Editor.