Style Manager Snippets – reusable design elements

Snippets – reusable design elements

What is a snippet?

A snippet is a template with formatting elements that can be used in one or several posts. Layouts for specific content such as quotes, author’s name and photo, event cards or numbered lists can be saved for future use. Snippets speed-up the layout process as these design elements are available to you instantly.  



Snippets and post style

Each snippet is created using elements from a particular Post Style, meaning they are unique to this style and cannot be transferred to others. While Setka’s default styles contain a number of ready-made snippets for you to use in your post, you are not able to create new snippets in these styles.


How do I create snippets?

To create a snippet from Setka Editor, select the desired paragraph and any number of elements you would like to save as snippet. Then, click the snippets icon in the right hand sidebar. Click add snippet, give the snippet a name and save.

Saved snippets will appear in this bar for you to insert into existing or future posts in this style. To upload them, select a paragraph and click the snippets icon. Your snippet names will be displayed for you to choose.

Snippets can also be added from the Style Manager, but you will have to apply CSS from scratch.


How do I change snippets?

Snippets can only be edited in the Style Manager. If you want to change a created snippet, you have do it in HTML code. Click on Styles > Post Style > Snippets (left hand bar).

Alternatively, upload the existing snippet in the Post Editor. Edit the content and save it as a new snippet alongside the original. Delete the original if necessary.




How do I delete snippets?

Snippets can only be deleted and renamed in the Style Manager. Remember to save the changes to remove them from the Post Editor list.

Deleting a snippet created in the Post Editor removes it from the snippet list, without affecting the text or layout of the post or previous posts, which include this snippet. However, When you delete snippets created in Style Manager using CSS code, the custom style will disappear from your published posts leaving plain text.


Can I copy a snippet from one post style to another?

As Snippets consist of elements from a particular post style like colors, fonts, dividers and icons, it is not possible to copy them into a different post style.