Setka Post Editor Getting started with the editor. Shortcut keys

Getting started with the editor. Shortcut keys

How to start using Setka Editor plugin?


After you have installed the Setka Editor plugin, you will see the Setka Editor tab on the Add New Post page.



Can I go from the Setka Editor tab to other tabs of the WordPress editor? 

As soon as you click the Setka Editor tab in a WordPress post, other tabs become unavailable. The built-in editor is unable to finalize a post created in Setka Editor as WordPress cannot perceive the layout correctly.




How does the Setka Editor interface look inside WordPress?

The Setka Editor interface contains several blocks:

  1. The post area where you work on the content of the article.
  2. The toolbar at the top that allows you to format various components of the post: paragraphs, selected text, images, grids, embeds, etc.
  3. The horizontal toolbar consists of tabs (subsections) on the top:
  • Post;
  • Paragraph;
  • Grid;
  • Selection — selected text;
  • Image;
  • Embed

4. Context menu appears upon a right-click. It is an extended tool for managing paragraphs and copying various elements within your post.

The number of tabs changes depending on the post element in which the cursor is placed. If the cursor is on text, the Post and Paragraph tabs are available; when adding images – you see the Image tab. When clicking a layout element, the tabs change so you can format the selected element.

The tabs are designed so that if you click the text, the Post and Paragraph tabs are available. If you select text in a table, the Post, Grid, Column, and Paragraph tabs are displayed.



The vertical tool bar on the right allows you to add various elements to the post – tables, snippets, images, symbols, galleries, embeds, dividers and editorial comments – and work with them.



What are the specifics of working with text in Setka Editor?

In Setka Editor, text is broken down into paragraphs, so instead of working with a random fragment of text, you work with a paragraph.

Each paragraph is a separate element of the post. Styles are applied to the paragraph; in order to format several paragraphs at the same time, select them by pressing Alt+Click.

The Shift + Enter shortcut breaks the line without creating a new paragraph, but if you insert a large piece of text, it will be broken into separate paragraphs anyway.

If you insert one line of text after pressing Shift + Enter, the text will be displayed as a single paragraph.


How to set up editor's field width? 

Each WordPress theme has a defined post width or sometimes it allows for several width options (for example wide or narrow). 

Setka Editor provides you with maximum flexibility no matter what. In order to see how your post will look like in your theme allowed width you can adjust the editor settings at the bottom (View post as > 620 px/940 px/1200 px)




What are the options to further customize the post?*

*Custom CSS tool is available only on Pro plan.

Even though we made sure you don't have to use custom CSS and HTML codes, Setka Editor allows you that flexibility as well. You can edit HTML code directly (Post > Advanced > Edit html) or use custom CSS for texts and elements (open the corresponding tab at the top panel). For example, if you would like to use a custom CSS for a specific paragraph, choose tab Paragraph > ...> Custom CSS.




What does the post preview look like on various devices?

Click [preview post] or press Tab to see what the post looks like on desktops and mobile devices. To close the preview either click on the "X" in the top right corner or press Esc/Tab.


Shortcut keys

In order to save time when editing a post you can use these keyboard shortcuts. Click the shortcuts button (question mark symbol at the bottom right) for a full list of shortcuts available.

Shortcodes for Mac

  • TAB – show/hide the post preview
  • Ctrl + 1...9 — specify styles for the paragraph
  • Ctrl + (up-down arrow) — specify the bottom indentation of the element
  • Сmd+Alt+Сlick — select the grid

  • Ctrl/Cmd + Click — select several elements

  • Ctrl + Shift + A — select all elements

  • Delete — delete the selected elements (except embeds and paragraphs)
  • Shift + Delete — delete the selected paragraph or embed
  • Ctrl + Z — UNDO, the same as a right click

Shortcuts for PC

  • Tab — show/hide post preview
  • Ctrl + 1...9 — set paragraph styles
  • Ctrl + (up-down arrow) — set the bottom indent of the element
  • Cmd + Alt + Click — select several elements
  • Ctrl + Shift + A — select all elements
  • Delete — delete selected elements (except embeds and paragraphs)
  • Shift + Delete — delete selected paragraph and embed
  • Ctrl + Z — the same as UNDO when you click on the right mouse button


Grids Panel

  • Click (on the grid icon) — transform each selected element into a single grid
  • Shift + Click element — transform each selected element into a single grid
  • Ctrl + Click element — insert an empty grid after the selected element


Images panel

  • Click (on the image) — insert an image after the selected text
    Shift + Click — insert an image into the line

Sometimes shortcuts can conflict with plugins of your browser. In this case you can disable the plugin or avoid using this shortcut.