Style Manager Text and Background Colors

Text and Background Colors

How to set text colors?

For each post style you can create a set of colors (Color set) that will be used for the main text and various link statuses:

  • Regular link — a regular link in the text;
  • Hovered link — a link that has been hovered by the cursor;
  • Visited link — a link that has been visited.




How to set background colors?

You can select several background colors for your post style. These background colors can then be used for both general and individual grids/columns/paragraphs.




How many text and background colors can a post style have?

As many as you want. Usually several additional contrast colors (dark if the main one is light) and several accent colors are specified.



Which font color will be displayed by default in every new post?

The main color will be highlighted with a blue outline in the left menu. It is always displayed first in the Style Manager. To specify the main color, click the first circle in the line (or paste HEX code)