Setka Editor on other CMS Content Design Cloud. Export post HTML-code

Content Design Cloud. Export post HTML-code

Design Cloud subscription plan enables using Setka Editor from a personal account.

No website intergration needed. Once a post is created, it's HTML-code can be exported and pasted to any CMS.


How do I create a post?

  1. Click Posts tab – Create post;
  2. Create a post in Setka Editor and save it clicking save.png below the post. To save and exit click save_exit.png




Posts are sorted out by date at Posts page.




How do I export HTML-code of a post?

Click export.png  on the bottom right of a post preview.

To save code as a .txt file click Save as .txt or Copy to clipboard.




Design Cloud subscription plan is available upon a request at

What are the requirements for my site, if I import Content Design Cloud HTML-code on its' pages?

Your site should meet those minimal requirements to import Content Design Cloud HTML-code in full, flawlessly:

  1. <script>, <link> and <div> tags should not be cut-out.
  2. <style> tags should not be cut-out or modified. Setka Editor uses its' own styles, generated by Style Manager. To display the content correctly, these styles should stay in an original appearance.
  3. data-* attributes in HTML should not be limited.

If all items are met, but the posts still look incorrect, please contact our support team.