Setka Post Editor Post Templates

Post Templates

Save your post as a template for future publications. Post templates are handy if your posts have identical structure and similar design elements in regular categories (e.g. “Weekend events”, “Apartment of the Week”). Similar to snippets, post templates save your time when you are creating new posts. 

How do Post Templates work?

Saving post as a template means saving its layout and structure, content, grid systems, number of columns and content width.

When you are adding a new post in Setka Editor, you can start by selecting a suitable post template. Your post style and grid system will adapt automatically after the post template is chosen. You will only have to fill it with new content.

How to save a post as a template?

When your post is ready, press Save as a template on the top menu and give it a name. The post template will be saved within a post style you opened when you started designing a new post.



How to apply a Post Template?

When you create a new post, you will be prompted to select a post template. You can turn off this option in settings and select templates manually (check the box "do not show templates at the beginning") and use Show templates buttin in the menu. Click on the template you want to use, and it will be opened in your post.



Why do Post Templates contain placeholders instead of original images?

Post templates are designed to save and reproduce a layout of your post. When saving a post template, images are substituted by placeholders to keep your post structure solid. It’s likely that each new post will need to be filled with new contents, including images, so post templates do not contain original images.

Edit / delete your Post Templates in Style Manager

You can access your post templates HTML-code from your account at Open your post style, then click on the Templates tab on the left and start editing. You can also delete your post template there.