Setka Post Editor Post Templates

Post Templates

Save your post as a template for future publications. Post templates are useful if you are regularly creating content with similar features and design elements. Like components, post templates save time when creating new posts.


How do Templates work?

When you save a post as a Template, its layout, structure, content, and all style elements are saved.

When making a new post, you can create new templates or choose saved templates. Your style and layout grid will automatically update after you have chosen a template.

Depending on the chosen template, you may only need to change the content to complete the post.


How to save a post as a template?

To save your post as a template, switch to the "Post" tab on the top toolbar and click "Save as template" under the "Templates" section. Once named and saved, you will be able to upload this template when creating new posts in the same style.


How to apply a Template?

When you create a new post, you will be prompted to select a template. The options displayed will consist of your previously saved templates or blank post. To change the template, open the "Post" tab and click "Show templates" under the "Templates" section. If you create anything in one template then decide to switch to another, the new content will be lost.


Why do Templates contain placeholders instead of original images?

An image can not be saved for a component or a template. Foremost, post templates are designed to save and reproduce a layout of your post. Using the same images in different posts is rarely required. When saving a template, images are substituted by placeholders to keep your post structure solid.


Edit/delete Templates in Content Design System Manager (CDSM)

You can access your post templates HTML-code from your Setka Account. Open the "Style" in which the template was made and click the "Templates" tab on the left side of the screen. Here you can rename or delete the template and edit the code.