Setka Editor on WordPress How do I insert adverts into a post?

How do I insert adverts into a post?

WordPress ad plugins.

There are numerous WordPress ad plugins that help place ads on web pages and inside a post itself: Ad Inserter, DoubleClick for WordPress, Insert Post Ads, AdSense In-Post Ads, Super Cool Ad Inserter, etc. Setka Editor is compatible with all of these plugins.

Setka Editor plugin does not interfere with ad plugins which place ad banners on the sidebars outside the post.


How do ads work in posts created in Setka Editor?

Plugins can insert ads into a post in several ways. In settings, you can usually set an exact place in the post where an advert will be added (e.g. after a specific number of paragraphs). Also, ads can be managed through widgets, shortcodes, etc.

Setka Editor provides broad opportunities for creating posts with complex layouts and individual content design. Before inserting ads automatically make sure that your post design will not suffer from adding new elements. Consider your post Layout Grid, the number of columns inside a post, images, and other embedded elements.

In posts with a simple layout, it is easier to insert an ad after a certain paragraph. In complex layouts, if the paragraph is placed inside a narrow column, inserting an ad may result in display problems. You may not like how the elements are arranged after the automatic insertion (it depends on the banner width or size of the paragraph).

In this case, using shortcodes is recommended since it allows you to insert an ad to a specific line within a post.

Here is an example of how Super Cool Ad Inserter works with Setka Editor. First, add your ad to the widget, then insert it with a shortcode when creating a new post:



Here is an example of how Ad Inserter works with the Setka Editor: