Setka Post Editor Adding background image

Adding background image

Setka Editor uses a nested structure for post content. Smaller objects are placed or nested inside larger ones. For example a column is nested in a grid and a grid is nested in the post.

Background images can be added to the whole post, a grid or column. Click on the image icon under background in the desired tab and upload an image from your desktop.


  • For the whole post (Post tab > Background):



  • For the selected grid (Grid tab > Background):



  • For the selected column (Column Tab > Background):



Switch between tabs in the horizontal menu to edit elements in each object


How do I upload an image?

To add images to your post, you must first upload them from your files. Click the image icon Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_13.08.51.pngin the right hand toolbar and click Upload to browse saved images in your computer. Select one and click Open. This will upload it into the Post Editor.



Background image scale and position

You can set background image as a tile repeat (Image repeat) both horizontally and vertically. You can also select between original size, fill and fit scale options (Image Scale) as well as fix (image scroll > fixed) or scroll the background image (Image Scroll > Scroll). Set an image position inside a selected element (Image position).

You can also decide whether or not to show background image on mobile (Show background on mobile > on/off).



How do I remove a background image?

In the Background menu click Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_13.53.06.png to remove the image and set a transparent background.  

Learn how to set a background image for the post, grid or column from this article.