Setka Post Editor Adding background image

Adding background image

Post content in the Setka Editor has nested structure. Smaller object is placed inside a larger one: paragraph is nested inside a column, column – inside a grid, grid is inserted into the post.

Thus, background image can be set separately:


  • For the whole post (Post tab > Background):



  • For the selected grid (Grid tab > Background):



  • For the selected column (Column Tab > Background):



Switch between tabs in the horizontal menu for addressing to the desired element:


How to upload an image?

Click on the selected tab in the horizontal menu, go to Background and press on the image icon Screen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_13.08.51.png . Upload image from your desktop.


Background image scale and position

You can set background image as a tile repeat (Image repeat) both horizontally and vertically. You can also select between original size, fill and fit scale options (Image Scale) as well as whether to fix (image scroll > fixed) or scroll the background image (Image Scroll > Scroll). Set an image position inside a selected element (Image position).

There you can also decide whether to show background image on the mobile or not (Show background on mobile > on/off).



How to remove a background image?

 In the Background menu click on this icon to set a transparent backgroundScreen_Shot_2017-08-29_at_13.53.06.png