Setka Post Editor Commenting in the Editor on Pro Team plan

Commenting in the Editor on Pro Team plan

Pro Team plan – for teamwork.

Pro Team plan makes the Setka Editor* a platform for team working.

Team members can leave comments in the Setka Editor when creating new post, reply to other team members, discuss and coordinate their working process.

Login/password authentication is required for each user to start leaving comments in the Setka Editor.

*User authorization and collaboration tools require plugin version not less than 1.10.0.


How to add a team member?

The are two ways to register new team member:

The number of team members is limited by your Pro Team plan options.

Learn more about Pro Team plan options on the pricing page.


Sign up from Setka Post Editor

New user can also sign up for Pro Team from the Setka Editor page at Wordpress panel.

Press on Add comment icon add_comment.png and Sign Up in the pop-up window.



After the registration is completed, user can start leaving comments in the Setka Editor.




How to add comments?

Put the cursor to paragraph you wish to place a comment thread.

Click on add comment icon at the toolbar on the right. add_comment.png

Comments area is yellow, type your text here and press enter.




How to reply comment?

Click on the comment area and type your text to the reply field. New replies will form a comment thread.




How to delete reply?

Click on the trash icon on the right to delete reply.


How to delete comment thread?

When the discussions are over and all the materials are prepared, press resolve to delete a comment thread.