Setka Editor on WordPress Setka Editor compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins

Setka Editor compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins

Setka Editor is compatible with the vast majority of the most popular WordPress plugins. You can use Setka Editor and other products together and their performance will not be affected.

Plugins from the following categories are almost always compatible with Setka Editor since they perform different functions in WordPress and do not intersect with Setka Editor.



Setka Editor is compatible with all the most popular SEO-plugins:

Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Seo Ultimate etc.


Analytics plugins and counters

Setka Editor is compatible with all known analytics plugins:

Jetpack, Google Analytics, StatCounter, Slimstat Analytics etc.



Setka Editor is compatible with all known e-commerce plugins:

WooCommerce, WP e-commerce and others.



Plugins that work with built-in WordPress editor TinyMCE

TinyMCE is a built-in WordPress editor, which allows you to work with both plain text and HTML code. When creating a new page or post in our editor, you are automatically switched to the Setka Editor tab, which deactivates any TinyMCE tabs. This is a necessary measure to avoid the conflict of content created in different editors.

Some third-party plugins were originally created to work with the TinyMCE editor. For example, to embed various templates such as buttons, contact forms, tables, navigation menus, galleries. For this reason, some control functions of these plugins (e.g. inserting an object by clicking a button) will not work correctly in conjunction with Setka Editor. However, you can add the desired objects to the Setka Editor workspace using a shortcode without any restrictions.

Here are some of the most popular WordPress plugins that refer to built-in WordPress editor, to which shortcodes can be added via Setka Editor:

Shortcodes Ultimate – one of the largest shortcode libraries. Allows you to add a variety of design elements to your post.

Ninja Forms, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form7 – plugins for creating forms of feedback, comments, contact forms.

NextGEN Gallery, Meta Slider, Envira Gallery – gallery plugins.  These allow you to embed images into the post, add effects to them, etc.

Here is an example of using a NinjaForms shortcode with Setka Editor



And this is a Shortcodes Ultimate adding through Setka Editor:



Known plugin conflicts:

Currently we are aware of compatibility issues with:

  1. Nested Pages and CSS & JS Toolbox plugins.  Setka Editor plugin activation will be aborted with an error if one of those plugins are installed and activated.
  2. PS Disable Auto Formatting plugin modifies HTML-code of a post, damaging layout created in Setka Editor. The plugin causes various issues as it is no longer maintained by developers.

The only way to prevent issues is to not use these plugins with Setka Editor.


Lockdown WP admin plugin – blocking access to wp-admin

This plugin restricts access to the files inside the WP Admin (/wp-admin/) folder if the user is not authorized. Attempting to access WP-admin directly returns the 404 error.

Wp-admin/admin-post.php file is responsible for getting updates to Setka Editor files and to the styles you create in Content Design System Manager (CDSM). Therefore, blocking it in WordPress or any access restriction for /wp-admin/ on a web server leads to problems in Setka Editor.

Learn more about solving problems with the Lockdown WP admin plugin in this article.


I can't install the plugin. What to do?

If you encounter an error interrupting Setka Editor plugin activation, please contact our support team.

For the majority of the errors, we find solutions that allow the use of Setka Editor and other plugins together. At the moment we are actively working to eliminate any possible incompatibilities, and in the near future, any plugin conflicts will be completely removed.