Setka Post Editor Components


What is a component?

A component is a template with formatting elements that can be used in one or several posts. Layouts for specific content such as quotes, author’s name, and photo, event cards, or numbered lists can be saved for future use. Components speed-up the layout process as these design elements are available to you instantly.

Similarly, you can also save the whole post as a template.

Here is an example of a “quote” component as the most frequently used element in any article:



How do I add a component?

To create a component, select the desired paragraph (of elements you would like to save) and click the components icon in the vertical right-hand toolbar. Click add component, give the component a name and save.

Saved components will appear in this bar for you to insert into existing or future posts in this style. To upload them, select a paragraph, and click the components icon. Your component names will be displayed for you to choose from.

Components can also be added from the Content Design System Manager (CDSM), but you will have to apply CSS from scratch.

You can learn how to combine various elements and create your component in CDSM here.



Group components according to their type

When creating components you can save them in named folders in the components toolbar. Create new groups or choose from existing ones to determine where the component will be saved. This helps navigation to desired components easier when uploading. You can also search for specific components in the components' search bar.

To access your component’s HTML-code, login toSetka Account, select your Style and click on the components tab on the left of the screen.



Some of my components are inactive. What does it mean?

Components can only be uploaded in the Style in which they were created. If you have made significant changes to your Style, your original components may not be compatible with the new style. In this case, you will not be able to upload them from the components toolbar. To avoid potential issues, remember to save significant changes made to your Style as copies.