Getting Started Installing Setka Editor plugin

Installing Setka Editor plugin

Setka Editor plugin can be downloaded either from your account or from your WordPress account.

Download Setka Editor plugin from your account.


Currently, the minimum allowable version for our plugin is PHP 5.5.9. WordPress developers recommend using PHP 7.

  1. Download the Setka Editor plugin from Integration page of your account at (Set your WordPress account to allow uploads larger than 7MB).
  2. Make sure you have entered the correct URL. Pay attention to http / https protocol.
  3. Go to Plugins in your WordPress Account
  4. Click Add new, then Upload plugin.
  5. After the plugin is uploaded, don’t forget to activate it.
  6. Once you open Setka Editor you will be prompted to enter a license key to connect your styles to the site.
  7. Copy the license key and paste it in your Setka Editor plugin.

Once you've installed the plugin, the Setka Editor tab will appear next to your regular editor.



Download Setka Editor plugin from WordPress.

A license key is required to activate Setka Editor plugin. We will email you your license key shortly to the address you specified in the registration form. First, you have to download Setka Editor plugin and install it to WordPress.

  1. Go to PluginsAdd New and search for Setka Editor plugin.
  2. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Start the plugin and fill out the registration form.
  4. Check out your email address, copy a license key from it and paste the key to the plugin settings.

Registration is completed. The plugin is installed and activated.